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Mousa Naser

Mousa Naser
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Vice President of Client Relations

Mousa Naser is a Vice President of Client Relations for Global Wealth Partners, Inc.®

His contact and interaction with different cultures throughout his life in the middle east and the United States gives him the ability to relate with our firm’s diverse clientele and easily integrates with our philosophy.

Mousa has been engaged in the business world for the most part of his adult life as he studied business administration at the American University of Beirut (AUB) which is one of the most prestigious universities in the middle east. As well as, interning at several firms in the United States and in Lebanon. He is also in the process of pursuing his graduate degree to further enrich his academic knowledge and contribute to GWP client experience.

Mousa was a very talented youth soccer player where his passion to the game never ended – making time to watch his favorite teams play or attend a match. He also went on to coach several youth teams during his time in college. He devotes time outside of work playing and watching different sports. He also loves to discover new cultures and food through his diverse travel.