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Managed Futures

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Managed Futures are an asset class representing professional commodity trading advisors who trade assets using global futures markets as an investment medium. The investors receive tax benefits and potential income for their participation. It is a source of portfolio diversification, and offers the potential for investors to have the ability to gain from an up or down market.

Disclaimer: There can be no assurance that the investment objective of a managed futures fund will be achieved. Most managed futures funds are highly leveraged which may potentially provide higher return, but also increases the overall risk and volatility of the investment. Managed futures funds are less liquid than stocks and bonds, with redemptions typically limited to monthly intervals. Costs and expenses in managed futures funds are significantly higher than mutual funds and other investment vehicles. Investors in managed futures funds realize taxable gains and losses in the year in which they occur and proper consideration should be given to the tax implications of an investment. Futures and forward contracts have a high degree of price variability and are subject to occasional rapid and substantial changes. Investing in managed futures is speculative and investors must be prepared to lose all or a substantial amount of their investment.

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