Human Capital Risk

- An organization is often said to only be as good as its people. Directors, employees, and leaders who make up an organization's human capital are critical to its success.

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CEO's and Entrepreneurs

It is well known that the direction and success of a company is directly related to the vision of the CEO. Human intellectual capital is now increasingly valued in the operation of almost all businesses. Most acquisitions, venture capital, private equity and merchant banking transactions are highly dependent on the human capital of one or two key leaders. Statistics show that the risk of disability during working years is three times higher than that of death. Yet, less than 35% of the corporations who secure ‘key person’ life insurance secure the corresponding key person disability coverage. As a result, the more common reason for losing the services of the chief executive officer remains unprotected.     Read More >>

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High Net Worth Physicians

Surgeons, cardiologists, and other highly compensated professionals have become true believers and purchasers of disability income protection. They know that an unexpected illness – like cancer – or an accident can destroy their entire financial future. Traditional outlets provide a maximum of $250,000 yearly disability benefit with no buy-out and some restrictive occupational definitions. But what should high net worth individuals do when they are accustomed to ten times that amount? How do they maintain their family’s current lifestyle? Read More >>

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Hedge Fund and Private Equity Managers

There is nothing more devastating to a hedge fund than the loss or disability of the fund manager. When this occurs – even for a period of short time – the value of the fund may decline precipitously. The shareholders, investors and company officers suffer. A properly funded succession plan protects management’s income and enhances the funds ability to sustain continuity. Many investors are now shying away from private equity firms that haven’t done a thorough job in succession planning and are spending more time than ever before focusing on Key Person clauses. Coverage exceeding $100 million dollars can be available to protect the fund and quell investor fears. Read More >>


Professional and Collegiate Athletes

The immediate and unexpected risk of a career ending injury is no more evident than in athletics. All athletes understand that each time they practice or step onto the field of play a debilitating injury can occur. Whether in the final season of a career, a first year rookie or a prospective top round draft pick, disability insurance can help cushion the effects of a profession ending illness or injury. Strenuous demands on the mind and body require unique insurance coverage to protect an affluent lifestyle. Athletes have trained for most of their lives honing their skills and perfecting their craft. It is an investment to be protected. Read More >>



Actors, performers, artists and authors can command huge sums of money for their performances or writings. The average film budget is now in excess of $75 million dollars with a large part being paid to the actors and actresses. Whether a reality star, a book publisher or a film studio, hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake for a single missed deadline. And millions are at risk for a debilitating illness or injury that might shut down the production of the show or concert. What happens if the star gets laryngitis immediately before a concert series? Or an actor is injured in an automobile accident? There are simple and clear options available to both the talent and the producer to reduce their risk and avoid financial disaster. Read More >>


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