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It starts with top-tier research—original to Global Wealth Partners, Inc. and DFPG Investments, LLC, client education is a fundamental aspect of our firm from day one. With decades of collective experience modeling both traditional and alternative investments, our research professionals have deep and broad relationships within the investment management community.

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Financial Commentary

Market Insights: First Allied PCS

  • Quarterly Economic Update
    Quarterly Economic Update

    The Quarter in Brief On Wall Street, the opening quarter of 2015 played out like the first quarter of...

  • A Choppy First Quarter

    A Choppy First Quarter The start to 2014 was the tale of two very different months, with January’s steep...


Between the Lines

[audioalbum title="#macro60 Weekly Audiocast" detail="60-second audiocast of the latest economic analysis of the global economy from Craig Columbus, President/CEO & Chief Market Strategist, First Allied Asset Management, Inc." date="2015"] [audiotrack title="September 24, 2015 - Oil's Recent Influence on Equity Markets" songwriter="September, 24" mp3=""] [audiotrack title="September 18, 2015 - The Fed Confuses Markets and Adds to Uncertainty" songwriter="September, 18" mp3=""]